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Your website is great and I have had loads of really great pet sits, it gave me a whole new life and I am so grateful. Julie

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I am amazed, I posted my ad and was told within 24 hrs to expect response. Well within 2 hrs I had emails and phone calls and have engaged a local couple to house sit. Perfect, thank you so much. Margo

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House Sitting in the West Coast

The West Coast region of New Zealand actually refers to the western coast of the South Island. This strip of land is important to the country for tourists. It extends from the Kahurangi Point (north) to Awarua Point (south). Due to its special position and long coastline it has a large number of tourist attractions, which are mainly water sport activities.


The West Coast of New Zealand is more like a sleepy hollow. The land doesn’t have much urban life - in fact, you won’t find ‘cities’ here at all - but it does have various small towns in which life is as languorous as can be. Three of the most popular towns here are Westport, Greymouth and Hokitika.

Nature is beautiful throughout the entire region; most of the attractions here are nature-based. You could view the beautiful glaciers that are spread almost all over the region. There are various glacier viewing trips organized by many tour companies in the area. Fishing is another interesting activity. Additionally, you could go on hunting trips—one of the few regions in the world where you can still do that—or you could just take an adventurous turn by trying to climb the mountains.

A very unique aspect about the West Coast is that people still come here to look for gold. A very passive kind of Gold Rush is still existent in the hills of the area. This kind of panning for gold can be done for a fee.


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*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.