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How it works: House sitting in New Zealand

Every month, we help our members save a small fortune in rent and pet boarding fees. Sitters provide free pet care, garden care and home security in return for free accommodation.

This is the sharing economy at its simplest and smartest - and we provide a safe space to enable it. The site is secure, transparent & easy to use, backed by friendly customer support.


Free for owners

It’s totally free to join, place a job ad & secure a house sitter. AND... the sitter will look after your pets, house & garden - all for free.

Awesome for sitters

A year of membership costs $84, about half the price of a single night's hotel accommodation. The value is incredible & it's easy to get started.

Trusted for years

Excellent security, genuine endorsements & membership badges are just some features that help build trust between members.

Easy for owners


Join up, place your ad & start contacting sitters. It’s easy, secure & quick. Oh, and it's FREE!


Our messaging system is safe & convenient. We have market leading tools to make it all very easy.


Booking a sitter allows you to plan everything else, & provides great confidence as you head off.

Easy for sitters


Use our powerful search tools to find suitable houses & check out other sitter profiles.


Register, create a profile page and start contacting house owners. It's safe, secure & very easy.


Once you've booked a sit, it's a simple matter of meeting up and learning the ropes.


Loving, in-home care is best for your pets

Your pets feel safest and happiest in their own house, with familiar territory and routines. Ask any Vet.

Not even the best boarding facility will feel like home, and they can get very expensive. A house sitter provides loving care for your pets in their own house - for free.

If you have to leave your pets - get them a sitter.

Great website - we had a lovely couple - Jeff and Glenys - who looked after our house cat & dog for a week - came home to a lovely clean house and two very happy animals - would have them back anytime. Kay & Chris - More Pet Owner testimonials
We have had a great response from kiwihousesitters and have secured five housesits in the last year. Everyone is very friendly. People treat the site in a professional manner which is reassuring for all. Sharon & Brent - More House Sitter testimonials


A house sitter will make sure that your pot plants are being watered & that your private oasis is 100% cared for while you’re away.


Having someone in the house is the best form of home security. They can also deal with storm damage, pet emergencies etc.


You can contact your house sitter at any time to get pet updates, or to remind them about the garbage collection - for real PEACE OF MIND.

Join the largest house sitting community in New Zealand

With more houses, more sitters and many years of experience, Kiwi House Sitters is the best place to organise house sitting.

Our members save significant amounts of money - and many gorgeous animals are much, much happier.

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