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Excellent care in the pet's own home

Pet care of the very best kind

Pets provide companionship and make your home so much more cheerful. However, they are also like children; they need care and affection. You will realise this when you need to travel, but find you can't because you cannot leave your pet alone.

Of course, you can always ask your neighbours to look after your pets when you have to travel for short periods of time. However, graciousness has its limits and not everyone has that kind of neighbours.

Pet boarding, friends and family

You can also avail yourself of a New Zealand pet boarding service, but this could prove to be expensive, and traumatising for your pet, not to mention the risk of aggression and diseases like kennel cough.

Pets can be a big responsibility, so it is also a big deal to leave them with family or friends, especially with children. Pets can also cause accidents, can stray away, get sick and suffer from separation anxiety especially when you put them in a new environment.

If your work requires you to travel for meetings or for other businesses, then expect the problem of pet care to come up frequently. In this case, you should look for free pet care every time you are away either for business or for a vacation. This way, your pets stay in the same house familiar to them, while they get the care they need.

House Sitters provide excellent care in the pet's own home

Why not try house sitting? This is a mutually beneficial agreement whereby the house owner can have peace of mind knowing that his pet is being taken cared of in his own house, while he is away for a period of time. It also benefits the house sitter who enjoys a new house without paying any rent.

Once you have chosen your house sitter, it is important to familiarise them with your pets and vice versa. There is more to taking care of pets, than merely filling up their food bowl or giving them water. Introduce your house sitter to your pet so they can get used to each other and develop some rapport.

Do the introductions

It is important that you discuss your pet's needs with the house sitter, so they are not left guessing on how to take care of your pet. Leave enough food for your pet and make sure the house sitter known the house rules when it comes to pets.

Inform the sitter about your pet's walking schedule as well as the areas where you usually bring your pet for his daily exercise routine. But more importantly, your pet should be outfitted with the necessary microchips and tags in case he gets lost.

The house sitter should have all your numbers as well as the number of your veterinarian. Make sure you also leave the number of the local police as well other important numbers in a place visible to the house sitter, in case of any emergency.

It is also a good idea to agree on a time that is best to contact the house sitter, so you can get an update not only about your property's security and upkeep, but also about your pet.

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