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I'm just wanting to say a big thank you for making the profiles readable without signing up for membership. I have a friend from Spain coming to visit NZ. As I'm doing all the research for her, it was easy to suss it out as I could read the full profiles and I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my life easier helping out a friend! just wanted you to know that you're doing a great job and to keep it up! Anita
Fully booked with house sits until September 2015, through your wonderful website. Have recommended your site to home owners and possible sitters. Alison
I have enjoyed meeting some lovely and very interesting people when sitting and looking after various pets, this past year. Thank you for the wonderful memories! Wendy
Please can you take down my sitter profile as I have landed a one and half year house sit. Many thanks. Cheers, Lorraine
Hi. I would like to say that we were registered with 3 house sitting sites and found kiwi house sitters the most productive by a long shot. We house sat for nearly 9 months. Thanks for your support. Best regards Vicki and John
Hi, we are very impressed with the kiwihousesitters website. We have done 2 longterm housesits now & all parties have been happy. Sue
Have already been contacted for a house sitting position and I've only been listed 2 days! Really happy. Tracey
We have had a great response from kiwihousesitters and have secured five housesits in the last year. Everyone is very friendly. People treat the site in a professional manner which is reassuring for all. Sharon & Brent
Hi there! Been listed for 2 days and have been already contacted twice by homeowners. We are very impressed. Keep up the good work. Simon and Jess
We are thoroughly enjoying our housesits and are booked until Dec with only a couple of days between sits allowing us time to get to the next place. We've met wonderful people and pets and are loving this temporary lifestyle while we decide where we want to live permanently, so a huge thank you for offering this great service to both parties. Tilly
I have very much enjoyed meeting all those nice people and have made some wonderful friends. I wish you all the best and thank you for giving me an opportunity to brighten up my life. Christina
I have thoroughly enjoyed being a sitter and have made some great friends with both the pets and their owners. Kiwi House Sitters offer a tremendous service, and operate it in a most efficient manner. Heather
Thanks very much for your quick reply. Well, I have to add the the following …you answered all my questions. I have to admit that’s unfortunately rare for organisations these days, often an automatic response is the only reply. So, good on you! Stefan & Naomi
Hi there, Just to say, "thanks very much" for all the sits we have been able to do via your website ~ very satisfactory indeed. I have recommended your site to a friend and she has been very happy with the results they have had. Have a wonderful New Year and thanks again, Liz and Rob
Just want to say how great the experience was. Three maybe 4 great places! Easy, safe, convenient, free and also made some friends for life. Thanks! Caddie
Thank you for the opportunity to be able to house/pet sit all over the country, made some good friends on the way, but the time has come for me to resign my membership - The years are passing and have several local contacts to keep me busy. Thanks again - I have passed your name onto to family and friends. Judith
We were travelling around New Zealand for four months and found housesitting for about 80% of the time, using your wonderful website. We loved it for many reasons, not least because it saved us a lot of money. But also, it was fun to live like the locals, have companion animals to share our time with, meet interesting and lovely people, have all the mod cons, including Internet (as I was working part-time remotely) and the list goes on. I have checked out a few international housesitting websites and this one shines above them all for design and functionality. Thank you Kiwi House Sitters for providing such a wonderful service. You helped make our holiday in New Zealand far surpass our wildest expectations. Brenda & Richard
We just wanted to say how impressed we are with your website and ease of navigating the site and entering information, uploads etc. Good stuff !! Steve & Jackie
What a wonderful life I am leading since joining Kiwi Housesitters a year ago, thankyou so much for the opportunity that changed my life around after losing my beloved husband...... Margaret
Thank you so much for your website. It has been great. We've had at least 6 housesits from it, over the last 2 years. We did a housesit in Alexandra, and liked it so much, we bought a house!! We have really enjoyed the freedom and lifestyle housesitting has given us and have made some great new friends in the process. Thanks again. Loretta and Andrew
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Testimonials: 63