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  • 22 Dec 2019 - 1 Jan 2020
  • 1 week 3 days
What we need
  • Dogs (3), Cats (2), Chickens/Ducks/Geese (3)
  • No
Sit Features
  • No
  • No
House & Location
  • Cottage
  • Internet, Wifi, BBQ, Air conditioner, Heater, Dishwasher
  • Suburban, River/Lake (Sport, Nature, Family, Historical)
  • Buses, Supermarket, Golf, Gym/Yoga, Restaurants/Cafes, Pubs/Bars, Cinema, Parks

We need a house sitter

Waikato - Waipa


We have a 3 double bedroom, 2 bathroom 120 year old cottage in beautiful Cambridge, which is fully fenced and has plenty of space to park within the property. We have a collection of animals, who have some particular needs, which is why we love them so much. We have 3 dogs, aged 14, 11 and 9. The eldest requires regular medication and is a bit of a grumpy old thing with strangers, both human and animal. The 11 year old dog has started slowing down and has a sensitive stomach, so can go off his food for a day or two, then bounces back, he also appears to be developing some issues around his back/hind quarters, in terms of mobility. The 9 year old dog is a huntaway cross, so full of energy and does like to push the boundaries if she can. She also has issues with anxiety around other dogs when on a walk and can get aggressive. We find that they don't require too much walking anymore, particularly when it's hotter, so are only likely to need one or two walks while we're away. We have 2 cats, both rescues, the 9 year old is a polydactyl cat who has anxiety issues and chooses not to go outside very much. The younger cat is just over 1 and full of life. They both use litter trays, which have to be kept an eye on, as the dogs like to eat what is deposited, given the chance! The chickens are free ranging in the separately fenced back garden. They love scraps and are too old to produce eggs, so are just living out their retirement. The dogs must be kept separate from the chickens, as the eldest dog has a history of chasing/killing chickens. This does mean our deck area is not really able to be used freely.
The house has a heat pump in the lounge, sky tv, high speed fibre internet and solar power.
We are looking for someone who is willing to provide a little bit of extra care for our fur babies and can be the Top Dog to provide a stable influence while we are away.

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