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Also called "Te Moana-a-Toi", it was named "Bay of Plenty" by British explorer James Cook during the 18th century, as he found the region rich with natural resources.

And "Plenty" couldn't be a better word to describe this incredible part of the world - one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand.

Pet Sitting and House Sitting in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

From the gorgeous beaches around Tauranga to the terribly exotic hot mud baths at Rotorua, from the active volcano at White Island (Whakaari) to the glamour of luxury hotels - with lots of wine, food, action adventures and great nightclubs and bars - this is still a Bay of Plenty.

Better for the pets

Pet sitting means that the sitter is living in the pet's home while the owner is away. The pets get to stay in their own familiar environment, with human company and love—making it the very best option for the pet's health and emotional well-being, in most cases.

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It is 100% free for owners join and find pet sitters—and the pet sitters will usually sit for free. Oh, and they provide in-house security and garden maintenance at the same time.

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Pet and House Sitting in Bay of Plenty

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Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

The Bay of Plenty offers many opportunities to house sitters, especially in Tauranga. As is common with most New Zealanders, the locals love to travel, especially during the winter months - so put your hand up for some housesitting in the wonderful Bay of Plenty.

Water & fire

Bay of Plenty's temperate climate and attractive coastline offers an unforgettable experience to travellers from across the world. Like other coastal regions in New Zealand, the Bay of Plenty is renowned for water sports, sky diving and hiking. It is a paradise for adventure tourists, as they can satiate their hunger for a wide range of adventures at one place.

The region's biggest city, Tauranga, offers opportunities for enthusiastic travellers who just need to unwind. The biggest attraction is Tauranga Harbour, which is a haven for water sports lovers. Choose between fishing, diving, sailing or even a dolphin tour to witness the beautiful sea mammals in their resplendent glory. Or don't choose - do it all!

And then there's the FIRE - active volcanos and unforgettable hot mineral springs. The area is renowned for it's geothermal activity - exotic, exciting and enthralling - and unmissable!

Natural attractions

The "fire" is particularly significant around the region of Rotorua, which is dubbed the Thermal Wonderland of New Zealand. The place is full of natural hot springs and geysers - don't miss the Boiling Mud in Kuirau Park.

There are various active volcanoes that are popular with travellers. The entire Taupo Volcanic Zone is quite famous, while the White Island region, offers the adventurous the chance to walk on a live volcano.

Other things to do in the Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty is also a very popular fishing destination. The areas of Whakatane and Tauranga are known for big game fishing and deep sea fishing respectively. And if you are looking for water sports, these are also the places to head to.

Mt. Maunganui is another attraction of interest. At 252m, with remnants of an old Maori fortress, the views from the summit are spectacular.

Another town to visit is the Waihi, a town with a long history of gold mining, which extends to the present. Martha's Mine is the oldest goldmine in New Zealand and it is still operational.

The Bay of Plenty is another popular wine region of New Zealand. You can find several wineries in Tauranga, including the Mills Reef Winery and Restaurant which also offers free wines for tasting.

Other destinations include the Mayor Island, the Matakana Island and the Kaimai Mamaky Forest Park, which is an excellent destination for a family trip.