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Totally Devoted to Your Needs

58, Freelance sitter, online teacher & designer

So you're going away, and wondering who to choose to look after your dear pets, your home, security and maintenance while you're away.
Obviously you want someone you can trust, who's experienced and understands how to carry out your requests and all routines to the letter, while also being self-responsible and able to handle things 'in the moment'....

This is definitely where I can help you :-)

Youthful 58, life-experienced, responsible, accountable and culturally interactive.
Former IT professional in UK, but gave it all up to travel, often in S.E.Asia, then settled in NZ (Citizen since 1999).
Ran my own small enterprise (massage and wellness studio in Titirangi, West Auckland) though now developing a more creative & portable lifestyle (eg: published book, web-based art, design and photography works). I am also a qualified TEFLA English teacher/online coach...

Ever-increasing interest in other cultures and languages, (especially S E Asia and Latin America). I speak good and competent Latin-America-Spanish. Just finishing my 6th Year of Travel/Study/House Sit experience in Central America (since Aug 2012) and back in NZ from 1st Oct 2019.

Non-smoker, drug-free, rarely drink alcohol, 40-years accident-free driver, Single, no dependents nor other commitments that might distract from an assignment.

Financially self-supporting.

Why I Choose and love to House Sit:
To be able to offer quality and reliability in serving my clients when they need to be away, while I also continue to develop my flexible lifestyle and own creative projects..

What I bring to my assignment (experience):
* 12 years full time Home-Sitting experience, firstly 6 years via NZ agencies and privately (word of mouth), inc. Western Australia.
* Extensive experience also in Central America, eg Panama (20 assignments) Belize (x7), Guatemala (x4) Mexico (x5) Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain and UK (all x1 each) : these sits & repeat-sits ranging from 1 week to 3 months.
* Larger, more remote or lifestyle block assignments are my speciality, however, I've cared for all types of homes (from small suburban house to country farm-ranch and semi-jungle plantation) and animals (from 1 cat or dog to flocks of sheep and alpacas, and many more in between).
* Full References and Police check records available: (please contact me and I can arrange to send details and links to my web-reference pages)
* Honesty, Integrity, Accountability and Full Communication, before, during and after all assignments.
* I've been a home-owner, landlord, tenant, house sitter (and backpacker!) so understand and fully respect other peoples property, animals and all that is important for my clients (inc. place in neighbourhood etc).
* Able-bodied: whilst I'm not a full 'handy-man' I'm competent to handle daily needs of running a home/property.
* I'm Professional and Confident in my attitude and world outlook.
*I'm available to discuss any of your needs either by phone, Skype, email, WhatsApp and Independent website.

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