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The best kind of house security

The lights are on - House security par excellence

Security is the top concern of most homeowners nowadays. This problem has forced many homeowners to stay home and forego business trips or vacations that require them to leave their property for a period of time.

You can stay at home and say goodbye to the opportunities offered by business trips and the pleasure offered by long, out of town holidays. Or, you can install a home security system which will cost you monetary-wise, without assurance that it will be fool-proof.

Those in the know will however tell you that there is one other option which will appeal to homeowners in New Zealand and even from all over the world. Would you believe there is a way to get home security for your property, for free?

The best kind of house security - for Free

Home sitting is becoming a craze all over New Zealand and if you want to be assured of your property's safety even when you are away, then this is the way to go.

Here are some of the steps you can take if you want free home security:

  1. Choose from the many New Zealand house sitting websites which caters to both homeowners looking for home sitters and sitters looking for a chance to experience new surroundings.
  2. Scroll the list of registered home sitters in the database and review their experiences and qualifications.
  3. To make the search easier, you can also advertise for house sitters and have them contact you. Most sites offer this service for free so take advantage of this.
  4. If you are a sitter then choose from the list of houses or homeowners looking for house sitters. However, you have to register as a house sitter if you want to get the contact details of the house owner. It is a good idea to upload a photo in your page as it increases your chance of being chosen by a house owner.
  5. House owners can browse the list of house sitters and contact them for free. However, sitters have to register and pay the membership fee, which is so reasonable it is even less than the cost of a one night's stay at a hotel.

If you have to go on a business trip of a long holiday but you are hesitant about leaving your property for security reasons, then the best way to get free home security is through house sitting.

No matter where you live, there is always the risk of vandalism and break-ins. You can however lessen this risk by getting a house sitter who will look after your house and keep it secure. Having someone to take care of your property while you are away is guaranteed to minimize the risk of break-ins and other security risks.

Enjoy real peace of mind

This is actually a win-win situation for the house owner who can now enjoy a long trip without worrying about his property's security. In the same manner, the house sitter also enjoys the benefit of enjoying a new environment without having to pay for it.

To maximise the benefits of house sitting, it is important that you choose your house sitters carefully. To start with, it is best to choose a house sitting site that provides reliable and trustworthy house sitters.

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